5 ways to make someone feel like part of the team.

5 ways to make someone feel like part of the team.

I’m curious.  Do you have a story about your first day at work at a new job? Your first week?  Are you like me in that it’s been a while since you were a newbie on a job? From what I remember, I walked around, kept my mouth shut, kept my head down and tried my best to get a handle on things. Some people were friendly and some, not so much. 

In the 12 months to May of this year, employment increased by 109,000 or 0.6%, the result of gains in full-time work.  That’s a lot of new faces walking around new workplaces. 

There are some great things going on like workplace mentors and buddy systems. I even came across a piece of software that busts through the silos by helping new hires connect with people in other parts of the company who might be from the same school or share the same hobbies or interests called Parklet. Pretty cool.

Certainly, all that helps, but have you ever thought about what part you could welcoming people to your organization? You should because you could have a greater impact than you think.