Paul Houle

  • He was able to help us push our own boundaries and individual and group limits by showing how we can improve the way we interact and work together. His program truly represents the essence of teamwork, collaboration and active listening.
    — GTAA
  • Fabulous experience....exciting, thoughtful and empowering. Your team will thank you and believe in themselves more than ever! I guarantee it!
    — Tom Stoyan - Canada's Sales Coach
  • We left the room with hands burning but laughing, happily speaking to each other, sharing impressions and taking with us the lessons given by Paul.
    — Goodyear
  • Paul is a master musician who quickly engages people enabling them to create harmony. Paul energizes any group and creates a climate in which people want to do their best.
    — Ernst and Young
  • Participants thoroughly enjoyed the unique experience and the session brought together key learnings from the entire program. It was a great finale to the leadership program which engaged both the leadership participants and their coaches.
    — The Cooperators

Professional Bio

Paul Houle travels the globe showing people in corporations how to collaborate more effectively so they can achieve extraordinary results. His unique music-based program quickly builds incredible connections among leaders, managers, and co-workers. His methodology combines the power of interactive music-making infused with key insights that help people listen and communicate better. His program busts through the silos as he teaches non-musicians how to be as unified as the players in a great orchestra. 

Paul’s charismatic and relaxed presentation style puts every audience member at ease while they absorb the powerful lessons he has to share. Through patience, humour and a keen sense of seizing the moment, he helps people think differently about corporate interaction while they achieve more than they think is possible.

Paul began speaking to corporate audiences in 1998 and continues to be hired by the world’s best brands to help them develop more inclusive workplaces, listen more effectively and increase collaboration. His clients include Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, FedEx, Goodyear, DeWalt, Heineken, IMAX, and Rubbermaid. Paul gets to know his clients and creates unforgettable customized presentations that resonate with people for years.

Aside being a speaker has had a long career as professional musician. He started working as a pro at 16 and he put himself through university working as a bandleader and orchestral contractor and by teaching rock drumming lessons. Following his degree, his early career was that of a classically trained, tuxedo-wearing percussionist working in symphony orchestras, Broadway musicals and chamber music groups. Over the last 35 years, he has performed on stages all over the world in a wide variety of musical settings and has done work for radio, television and Hollywood films. A lover of musical diversity, he has spent years researching and performing music from many cultures around the globe.

A gifted educator, Paul used his love of music from other cultures in his position as Director of Percussion studies at Canada’s Royal Conservatory of Music. There, he founded the RCM Percussion Ensemble Program, and served as Executive Director of the RCM World Music Centre built on his vision of offering a larger diversity of courses that is more in line with Toronto’s multi-cultural population.