Meet Paul


I research, write and speak on how people in organizations can LISTEN better, COLLABORATE better and ACHIEVE more in the workplace. 

Through my speech, I share lessons on listening, collaboration, trust and leadership gained from my years of working with great musicians on the concert stage. It's a transformational program that will dramatically impact how they see working with others in order to achieve a common goal.

Some facts about me

  • Selected to present for hundreds of organizations through North America and Europe including Microsoft, RBC, Goodyear, Shoppers Drug Mart, Heineken, FedEx, Telus and P&G.

  • 20 years as a speaker and workshop facilitator and featured on CBC Television, Global TV and in newspapers and magazines.

  • 30 year career performing in orchestras, chamber music groups, world music groups and Hollywood films.

  • 20 Years on faculty at the Royal Conservatory of music . 

  • Father and Husband, P90X workout addict, road weary hockey parent and tennis enthusiast.


  • He was able to help us push our own boundaries and individual and group limits by showing how we can improve the way we interact and work together.
    — GTAA
  • Fabulous experience....exciting, thoughtful and empowering. Your team will thank you and believe in themselves more than ever! I guarantee it!
    — Tom Stoyan - Canada's Sales Coach
  • We left the room with hands burning but laughing, happily speaking to each other, and taking with us the lessons given by Paul.
    — Goodyear
  • Paul quickly engages people, enabling them to create harmony. Paul energizes any group and creates a climate in which people want to do their best.
    — Ernst and Young
  • ... the session brought together key learnings from the entire program. It was a great finale to the leadership program which engaged both the leadership participants and their coaches.
    — The Cooperators


From the moment Paul hits the stage, he pulls you and your colleagues in through his humour, warm personality,  stories, insights and powerful, interactive musical pieces. His goal is simple - to help you to listen to each other better and collaborate with each other better so you can achieve extraordinary results.

Paul's presentations are typically rated as the "highlight of the event".  He has received THUNDEROUS APPLAUSE AND CHEERS from the world's best brands including: Microsoft, RBC, Goodyear, ING, Heineken, FedEx, PwC, and P&G.




Event Planners: Don’t let the fact Paul’s programs are fun fool you. There's deep learning inside. Over 30 years of being a performer have given Paul a lot to share.  The best audiences for Paul’s programs are the ones that want to take things to another level and achieve more by working together better. They are one’s that will be cheering at the end and thanking you for bringing in a different kind of speaker.

If you have an event that needs that an unforgettable presentation that will get them cheering while their learning then let's talk!

Conferences, Retreats and Keynotes


Bust through the silos to listen & collaborate better to achieve more.

Your people are talented! They're hard working! They're diverse! But how connected are they? Do they really understand how their roles fit together? Could they communicate better or listen to each other better? Do they realize how important they are to each other? Could they support each other better? The fact is, the more your people realize how vital they are to each other, the better your chances are for success.

Based on years of working with some of the best musical teams in the world and for many of the worlds A-list companies, Paul Houle’s keynote Listen, Collaborate, Achieve, is perfect for organizations that want to be more unified.   

Interactive, insightful and fun – Paul’s action packed keynote is an incredible experience for any audience. Sales people, IT specialists, Healthcare Workers, Engineers, CEO’s and banker’s have all voted with thunderous applause and cheers.

We left the room with hands burning but laughing, happily speaking to each other, sharing impressions and taking with us the lessons given by Paul!
— Goodyear
Paul did a great job at facilitating our management group to helps us re-discover the importance of listening to each other.

— Heineken


LISTEN – Changing outcomes starts by changing how you think about being connected. The act of Listening or seeking connections with your co-workers is the first step in creating collaboration. (Your audience will actually experience this). This key lesson will impact their way of thinking when it comes to working with people

COLLABORATE - Collaboration is an attitude. Here you will learn how to collaborate across silos and departments to make the most of your colleagues’ skills and abilities.

ACHIEVE – Achievements are realized by great connections and great collaborations but also by knowing how to contribute to the present moment. This part of the program examines the respectful negotiation that needs to take place to realize great outcomes.

Download program description (PDF)


How to conduct your team to achieve your vision!

Leadership can be complicated especially when your managers need to bring a team together to realize challenging and time sensitive goals. Do your leaders know how lead with confidence and humility?  Do they know how to build trust and be accountable?  Do they know how to build confidence and motivate their people to achieve more than they think is possible?

Leading .jpg

Paul's has developed an amazing presentation that allows your people to experience and examine leadership in action. Imagine having to take a group of people who have been given tools that they have never worked with before and getting them to realize a goal that they think is impossible. Paul does just this with your group using a solid vision of the outcomes combined with the perfect mix of patience, encouragement, confidence building, constructive criticism, motivation, and trust. 

If an experiential, music-based workshop on leadership, personal accountability, and teamwork may sound unconventional, you’ve got to experience one of Paul’s programs!
...participants thoroughly enjoyed the unique experience and the session brought together key learnings from the entire program. It was a great finale to the leadership program.
— The Cooperators

Attendees Will Learn :

  • how to lead with confidence and humility

  • why you need to own your mistakes and why mistakes important

  • how to build a collaborative culture through acceptance and flexibility

  • how to build trust among your team

Best audience: Managers and leaders

Program Length: 90 to 120 Minutes

Best Group Size: 40 to 300

Download Program Description (PDF)

Collaborating Through Diversity

How to Leverage the diversity in your organization!

Your company is made up of people from different generations, different nationalities, different backgrounds, and they may have different values, interests and expertise. You may even deliver your service(s) to your customers differently. Have you ever considered how you could leverage that diversity?  Have you ever considered how the uniqueness in your organization gives your company an edge? Yes, there's lots to learn but the results are amazing.

Paul Houle offers an interactive presentation where diversity rules. He gives companies insight into how their differences are actually an advantage and how those differences allow them to create a myriad of unique outcomes that will give them an advantage.

You captured the interest of every person in the room. Who needs coffee in the morning when Paul is around! Thank you for such a great presentation and for a wonderful experience!
— Ontario Real Estate Association
Paul’s presentation demonstrate so many truisms that we can all bring to our work and personal lives: that steady and progressive skills development can produce results; that a disparate group of people with diverse backgrounds can come together; and that music is joyful and uplifting!
— Ontario Ministry of Agriculture

Attendees will:

  • discover how to create a more respectful work environment

  • discover how to create a more supportive work environment

  • develop a better appreciation for their co-workers

  • develop a better understanding of their individual differences

  • learn more about how differing personalities interact

  • learn how to leverage the diversity in your organization

Best audience: All corporate levels

Program Length: 90 to 120 Minutes

Best group size: 40 to 120

Download program description ( PDF)



Developing passion, identity and vision for your team.

Do you have an organization made up of many small teams? Could those teams be more unified? Could the individuals on those teams be more connected? Would it be helpful if the team had a stronger sense of identity?  Would it helpful if they really knew what their strengths were?  Would it be helpful if they could come up their own vision for their success?

Paul's breakout sessions have been a popular choice for many A-list organizations who really want to focus on these goals.  His break-outs are fun, challenging and extremely productive.  They take people out of their comfort zones and set up an incredible environment that gives people the chance to think deeply about who they are and what they can accomplish together. Through Paul's creative process, they solve the big questions about how they are going to move forward together. 

  • These sessions are perfect for large organizations who have smaller teams ranging from 6 to 15 people each.

QHN.CA has brought in Paul for a wide range of applications - ice breaker, team building, change mastery, problem solving. We highly recommend Paul for an innovative and enjoyable experience.
— Quality HealthCare Network
Paul manages the creative process to deliver an innovative and inspirational experience!
— Ernst and Young

Your group will:

  •  develop a strong team identity
  •  create a vision for the future and know where they can best contribute.
  •  be more confident in who they are as a group and how they can make a difference.
  •  be more unified and support each other better.

Best audience: Leaders and managers

Program Length: 90 minutes to half day 

Best group size:  40 to 150 to be broken up into teams no fewer than 6 and no more than 15 per.

Download program description (PDF)


  • Minimum time for keynotes or concurrent sessions is 45 minutes.
  • Preferred time is 90 minutes. 
  • Got lots of time? Two hour programs are no problem.

Sound and space requirements 

  • amplification system with headset mike. No other audio-visual items.
  • A space large enough to set group up in a circle or concentric circles.
  • Small Stage in center for Paul
  • No obstructions and good lighting.
  • Arm less chairs for attendees
  •  Set up time - 60 to 90 minutes
  • Tear down- 45 minutes tear down.