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We left the room with hands burning but laughing, happily speaking to each other, sharing impressions and taking with us the lessons given by Paul.
— Goodyear
Paul presents an exciting opportunity for any organization to work together and to see the end result of what happens when you work together and all working towards the same goal!! Very different and unique!!!
If an experiential, music-based workshop on leadership, personal accountability, and teamwork may sound unconventional, you’ve got to experience one of Paul’s programs!
“Providing us 5 sessions in 3 days was a challenge and your sessions were beyond our expectations! Employees were able to take away new ideas to be more collaborative in the workplace...”
— Research in Motion
Paul did a great job at facilitating our management group to helps us re-discover the importance of listening to each other.
— Heineken
...our team had a new appreciation for their employees’ unique skills and abilities.
— Butterfield Bank
Paul truly proved to us the magic of what is possible if we all work together as a team.
— Atomic Energy of Canada Limited
I was so impressed with the outcome and Paul’s use of music in promoting working together and the art of listening. The entire room was energized.
— Bluewater Health
Paul Houle is really the Team Building Maestro!! He was able to help us push our own boundaries and individual and group limits by showing how we can improve the way we interact and work together. His program truly represents the essence of teamwork, collaboration and active listening.
If you are looking for ways to improve any dynamics within a team, such as communications, relationships, or conflict, Paul can ensure a fabulous, ‘feel safe’ approach.
— Baxter Healthcare
I was amazed and thrilled at how easily Paul connected the main learning outcomes of the courses into his facilitation. It was a great way to conclude and summarize a management development program .
— Butterfield Bank
Paul is a master musician who quickly engages people, enabling them to create harmony. Paul energizes any group and creates a climate in which people want to do their best.
— Ernst and Young
We learned new ways of cooperating together to establish order from chaos. Everyone came away with a deeper understanding of how each team member can contribute to the overall success of a given project.
— The Discovery Channel
I cannot over emphasize the value you brought to our team by showing us how important we are to one another in achieving our future success.
— The Shopping Channel
The powerful impact that occurs to build mind-trust and connectivity to others on a whole new level makes his program one of the most memorable in my experience.
— Halsall Engineers
The session was just terrific! I was anticipating an event that would focus on collaboration and communication, but I never expected it to be so much fun... simply magical!
The workshops demonstrate so many truisms that we can all bring to our work and personal lives: that steady and progressive skills development can produce results; that a disparate group of people with diverse backgrounds can come together; and; that music is joyful and uplifting

— Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
Our team left your session energized, excited and with a new take on their roles as communicators in a high performance team. It was a great event from start to finish...
It delivered in demonstrating the power of teamwork, collaboration and the effects that one person can have on a system. I highly recommend this session to anyone seeking to add a unique touch to their meetings, I would love to do it again!
— Quality Healthcare Network
It was fascinating how you were able to link your musical exercises to successful business practices. Your program showed us how much a group can achieve when they’re focused on a common goal and working together.
— Bell Canada
Paul’s work with our team was a perfect thought changer for our group. Not only was it interesting and fun, new ideas about team work were received and the continuity of team function improved.

— Credit Valley Hospital Association
The experience added an air of celebration to our conference and the team came away feeling stimulated, confident and ready to tackle the challenges ahead.
— Universal Canada
Paul’s session raised my team’s respect and camaraderie for each other.

— Ministry of Government Services
...you have magically come up with a way to integrate the beauty of music with Human Talent Management and organizations.
— Reconnect Metal Health Services