BOOM! The Rhythm of Business

This is a special blog post featuring my interview with Jamie Iria on his podcast “Creative Spin”. It’s all about how we as entrepreneurs need to be open to the places our business will take us even though our plan might be something different. I wanted to share this because I know it’s an important part of creating any business.

If you haven’t had the chance yet to check out the Creative Spin Podcast, it’s a fascinating podcast for people who want to be more creative in their business. It’s filled with great episodes where you’ll learn business tips from a wide variety of folks like actor Patrick Creery, (you’ve seen him on Murdoch Mysteries), restauranteur Frank Bento, owner of Moliceiro Restaurant in Toronto, Mihai Raducanu, a global entrepreneur, inspirational and educational speaker, professor and an international basketball trainer and…now me. Jamie also has some great business conversations with his wife and partner Ana.

In this episode I did deep into the things that took me from small town drummer boy to my present career as a speaker for global corporate audiences. But, before you think it’s all about looking back at the late nights and long hair - it’s actually about what I learned as a musician / entrepreneur while trying to find a way to be successful without giving up my dream of making music a big part of my life.

You can listen to the 28 minute interview here or see the short 15 minute youtube version here.

Jumping on a dream

2:05 - knowing when you’ve got something

5:00 - you don’t have to be like the others

6:30 - when I learned that music was different that I thought

8:20 - how I developed a business mindset.

10:20 - what can happen when you’re open to ideas

Tips from front lines

12:00 - why just winging it is not the best idea

13:00 - when can you ditch your plan

13:50 - keeping up with change

14;35 - what people really want these days

Listening is the secret

16:24 - my first lesson about not listening

17:40 - what happened because my clients really knew me

20:15 - it’s not all about business - it’s life.

The big Three

21:45 - the secret to career flow

21:50 - know when to take a risk and when to say no

24:00 everybody is waiting for you to prove yourself

Please share in the comments about what your career journey has taught you.